Mobile Menus

app_icon_512x512Mobile Menus is a mobile dining application platform for universities, major airports, malls, and other businesses who service multiple dining platforms and venues in a geographic location.

The app is highly customizable to meet your needs and adapt to your location; it is adaptable to maintain your brand identity giving you a custom app for your organization.

Users decide how the app may be best utilized and which features they find most beneficial. This includes viewing menu options for the current and next day at each location; accessing the nutritional information; viewing the daily deals; filtering based on food allergies or nutrition needs (e.g., vegan or vegetarian); and looking at current and upcoming deals and special events.

What makes Mobile Menus different:

  • Personal: Highly customizable app to match your brand, venu options, and locations.
  • Social: See what your Facebook and Foursquare friends have enjoyed to help you find meals or venues you might like too. Rate and rank meal options and locations. (coming soon)
  • Intelligent: Discover dining options nearest you and find those “hole-in-the-wall” locations you may have overlooked.
  • Easy: Straightforward navigation allows users to quickly and easily search, filter, and navigate to what they are looking for.

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Mobile Menus Platform Highlights:

  • Highly customizable interface and menu options
  • Dynamic, on-the-go solution for your dining guests
  • Multiple meal platforms with a dynamic, database-driven back-end
  • Multiple content managers to keep the app up-to-date in real-time
  • Daily menu service
  • Location services
  • Food allergy filters
  • Nutrition information
  • Daily deals, coupons, and specials
  • Events and activities

Mobile Menus uses location services to allow guests to discover restaurants and dining options that are close to them. And with social media integration (coming soon), your guests can share their favorite meals, restaurants, and deals with their friends and family members.

With Mobile Menus, the power is in your hands to create a personalized mobile dining experience licensed to your brand.